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Elements Vol. 5 - Aether

by Various Artists

I am always and never alone Whispers in my ear when I close my eyes And dream of running barefoot through the poppy fields and dancing in misty meadows With each briny breath I can almost remember The blood in my veins My reflection in the watery mirror And a glowing sun beneath the waves As voice is carried away by the wistful breeze I slip away from you, and from me I sleep soundlessly in my river bed The wind and cold water Shining wounds reflected within the red ripples Like little smiling faces under glass washing away the memories The sun ever gleaming in my eyes Eyes which I can no longer close So very tired now and sleep will come quick The last secret I will keep with me Forgive me for leaving, but I am just so tired Now I finally feel safe The Ghost beside me... is me
Dark Matter out of space where everything is free deep down where the SPECTROSPHERE generates every star we see where cosmic particles of the gods dance around in acid clouds driven by raw sounds there where MATERIA has no weight at all there where's no life nor death no spring and no fall drifting away - out of control out of range where time stands still deep down where the universe creates everything that you'll feel where cosmic particles of history swim around in vivid colors driven by drone sounds there where MATERIA has no weight at all there where's no life nor death no spring and no fall drifting away - out of control we're drifting out of control to the dark side of our soul we are here prepared to disappear waiting for the spark to become one in the dark… dark matter
Touch The Daemon It shook me yesterday, who came to reach me. Such crazy things can happen, and others feel too. The world was in my hands, but there's nothing real to show. By night stealing bodies, they Liberate the soul. I'm sick of being human. I feel so alien. I Merged with something strange. I came to tell you..... Reach and touch the Daemon, If dreams are Alien. I hungered long to meet you, at the cross road on the way. A life of silent questions. A ferryman to pay. I woke up to remember, tall figures out of phase. The hairs upon my neck, That thrill to seek you. I'm sick of being human. I feel so alien. I Merged with something strange. I came to tell you...... Reach and touch the Daemon If dreams are Alien. I'm stronger though you left me, In trauma, yesterday. Star child of missing time, life severed upon the way. In shadows of the garden, Grey wolves snarl & howl. In shifting light of godhood, the serpent and the owl. I'm sick of being human. I feel so alien. I Merged with something strange. I came to tell you.... Reach and touch the Daemon, If dreams are Alien.
The infinite free fall Into the Stygian maelstrom. But my blackened soul Has faith enough to be strong. Now it's finally relieved From the burdensome stone. She's my medicine, my relief Which I've been waiting for so long. Chorus: As mournful sunrises In Pandemonium Dark Goddess mesmerizes Me every waking hour. The newfound final shelter Is in her abysmal eyes. The years of living like a specter Now are a blessing in disguise. Hypnotized and captivated By her spells and voodoo charms Your frail world – I reject it – With the light of bygone stars.
"Dark Blimps Squadron Lyrics" Wir teilen die Luft auf unseren schwarzen Schiffen. Über Ägypten wie Bayern. Während unten, strotzt vor Tod. Auf unserem Weg alles geht ab . ^ V ^. . Weil wir es sind die Kinder des Schwarzen Lochs. Das Geschwader der schwarzen Luftballons, der tod aller hoffnung, wenn es fast kein Licht gibt, in der Dunkelheit, der regen und im Blitz. - - ^v^ - - Nous fendons les airs sur nos vaisseaux noirs. Au-dessus de l'Egypte, comme de la Bavière. Alors qu'en bas, grouille le trépas. Sur notre chemin, tout s'éteint . . ^v^. . Parce que nous sommes les enfants du trou noir. L'escadrille des ballons noirs, la mort de tout espoir, lorsqu'il n'y a presque plus de lumière, dans les ténèbres, la pluie et les éclairs. - - ^v^ - - We split the air on our black ships. Above Egypt, like Bavaria. While downstairs, is teeming with death, on our way, everything goes off. . ^ V ^. . Because we are the children of the black hole. The squadron of black balloons, the death of all hope, when there is nearly no more light. In the dark, rain and storms. - - ^v^ - - Dividimos el aire en nuestros barcos negros. Encima de Egipto como Baviera Mientras que abajo está lleno de muerte, en nuestro camino, todo se va . ^ V ^. . Porque somos Los hijos del agujero negro. El escuadrón de globos negros, la muerte de toda esperanza, cuando no hay más luz En la oscuridad, lluvia y relámpagos.


Aether is the final release in a five part compilation series on the occult Elements. This compilation combines the genre sounds of Ethereal, Neoclassical, Goth Rock, Experimental, Industrial, Witch House, Trance, & Neo-Medieval.


released August 27, 2019

Created by TG Mondalf: Venus Aeon

CD Concept & Design: Heru-Set Productions
Photography: Lithium Dreams Photography
Model: Hada Pixie

Special Thanks to Secret Sin Records for the use of music from Angels of Liberty.

Disc Total Time: 1:23:22
Δ Exclusive
* Previously Unreleased

Mastered by Ant Banister, Mantravision Productions
† Mixed by David Vaughn: Rigid Clit Productions


all rights reserved



Venus Aeon

"Her womb, remaining fallow as the primordial abyss, summons to itself by its very readiness the original power that fertilized the void." ~Joseph Campbell

▼ Occult Wave ▲ Deathrock ▼ Neo-Medieval ▲ Neoclassic ▼ Ethereal ▲ Shoegazer ▼ Witch House ▲ Neo-Folk ▼ Doom Industrial ▲ Glitch ▼ Noise ▲ Experimental ▼ Dark Ambient ▲ Coldwave ▼ Drone ▲ Trance ▼ IDM ▲ Minimal Wave ▼ Daemonic Body Music ▲
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