"Venus Aeon Black Flame" Pendant

from Venus Aeon

The "Venus Aeon Element Black Flame" represents the Promethean Flame or spiritual spark within mankind. This can also be seen as creative spark of the Universe or Consciousness and has also been represented as the "Luciferian Principle" by some. In this context Venus is both the Queen of Heaven and the Morningstar. It can also be considered a symbol of the New Aeon which begins Dec 21st, 2012, or as we've called it Venus Aeon. Energetically, it shares many similarities with the Baphomet.

While the previous Four Elements are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, the 5th Element of Spirit is also known as Aether, Akasha, or Ether and represent the Hermetic phrase, As Above, So Below". This symbol also includes the basic principles of Tantric spirituality as well.

The Black Flame within the Element of Aether also represents the Atman, Self, or Soul.

This symbol can be used to elevate the self to Higher Awareness and greater Wisdom of the Soul. It's intention is to assist one with the principle to "Know Thyself", as is transcribed on the ancient temple in Delphi, on their path to Self-Awareness and Enlightenment.


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Venus Aeon

"Her womb, remaining fallow as the primordial abyss, summons to itself by its very readiness the original power that fertilized the void." ~Joseph Campbell

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